How To Draw Anime

Learn How to Draw Anime and Show off Your Skills

Starting on how to draw anime is a challenging task. However, once you get enough details about the process, you will find it interesting and exciting.  Most anime lovers are tempted to draw their favorite character. In fact, they collect various drawing materials to sketch and make a perfect art work.

Those who are not familiar on how to draw anime prefer to depend on several websites. Like them, you can also browse the different sites that offer complete anime drawing tips. Some provides simple lessons that are perfect for kids while others give detailed procedures on how to draw anime using professional method.

While watching your favorite anime characters, you may think that sketching their eyes, faces, and body figures are extremely tough. However, as you understand the exact steps on how to draw anime, you will find it so fast and easy.

To get more details on how to draw anime, you can also seek help from your friends who have sufficient knowledge about this topic. You can also attend several activities that can boost your anime drawing skills.

How to Draw Anime Eyes?

The most essential part that you need to learn how to draw is the eyes of the anime character.  However, most people claim that learning on how to draw anime eyes is quite tough. If you are thinking the same way, here are some steps you shouldn’t miss to follow:

Step 1: Draw the top eyes of an anime using arched lines. These lines should have an accurate width. Then, you have to draw two diagonal lines. Every line must have an upward slope to make an oval shape.

Step 2: The next step on how to draw anime eye is to place a half-moon between the two lines to seal the lower part of an eye. Every line should be thicker at the outside comer. Then, you have to combine all of these into an oval shape. You also need to add a horizontal line below your eyes. This accent line will serves as the expression line. Depending on your choice, it can be drawn in an angle to express different emotions.

Step 3: To learn on how to draw anime, you need to make a large circle for the iris through drawing thin ovals. You also need to outline light glares to offer a shiny look to every eye. Then, draw a small circle in the lower outside corner.  It is also best to give the eyes more depth through placing pupils. For female anime eyes, you can be creative through placing stylish eyelashes.

How to Draw Anime Faces?

Like sketching different eyes, the faces of anime character are not too difficult to draw. To know the exact ways on how to draw anime, here are some essential guides you need to follow:

  • Gather More Anime Pictures – Pictures of your favorite anime characters will serves as your guide in sketching.
  •  Make a Sample – The best way to learn how to draw anime is to keep on practicing. At first, you need to draw a gird on the images of the anime. Using your pencil, you need to sketch same strokes and styles.
  • Examine the Structure of the Anime Face – You have to check how the eyelashes intersect the lines of the grid. You also need to know what type of face style you opt to draw. Then, make a line drawing of the eye grid square on your paper.
  • Check the Face and Expression of the Anime – To learn the exact methods on how to draw anime, you need to sketch the faces and expressions of the anime. You can do this through the use of flat-tipped markers. Before you draw, make sure that you study the face of the character. You also need to check the layering of the color.

Through following these tips on how to draw anime, it would be easy for you to sketch your favorite character. In fact, you can also make various sketches and display them in your room.

How to Draw Anime Hair?

To get more details on how to draw anime, you need to take a look at the hair of the anime character.  Through this, it would be easy for you to create any look you desire. You also need to draw the type of hairline you wish for your favorite character.
Using your imagination, you can style the best hair you want. To make it more appealing, you can also add some hair shades or colors. With your knowledge on how to draw anime, expect that you can have the best anime character picture you like.

Learning on how to draw anime is very fast and simple. Through the aforementioned tips, you can create not just one, but multiple anime sketches as well. So, start following these methods and in order for you to know the right way on how to draw anime.

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