DragonflyOrder Odonata – Suborder Anisoptera

Dragonfly nymphs live in ponds and streams, so you often see adult dragonflies around water, though they can range several miles. Often brightly colored, dragonflies fly well and often, catching mosquitoes and midges in flight. They’re fast! No wonder they have such big eyes!

1. Start with two small circles for the head and thorax, and draw the long rectangle of the abdomen.

2. Draw one hind wing.

3. Add the fore wing.

4. Draw wings on the other side as well.

5. Add details on head, fron legs, veins in wings, and lines on the abdomen.

6. Complete your drawing t adding more shading an( about a zillion cells on ea wing. Look closely at the example, and take your time drawing them!

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