Draw arrows for different types of eye

Draw arrows for different types of eyeDraw arrows for different types of eye


The arrow shape of the eye adjusts well, making it more accurate.
Liquid eyeliner or felt-tip pen drawn from the inner corner of the eye line along the upper lash line growth. To make the outer corner arrow thicker and slightly raised its tail up.
Is not small and narrow eyes.


Arrow lifts the outer corner of the eye, making it less sad.
Retreating to the 2/3 century from the inner corner of the eye. Pencil or gel eyeliner and brush with a cut-off corner of Draw the outline of a triangle, and then gently close it inside.
Not suitable East Asian eye shape, as well as round and convex shape of the eye

Go to bypass

The combination of bright upper and lower eyeliner can almost radically change the shape of the eye and adjust the incident” outer corner.
Black pencil or gel eyeliner close the upper eyelid moving up to the crease. Bring a straight tail of the arrow beyond the outer corner of the eye. Underline the bottom contour eyelashes, connecting it to the upper eyeliner, and Procrit internal mucous eye.
Do not come close-set eyes.


Such arrow will fit almost everyone, even those who do hang forever and cover his eyes.
It is better to draw arrows eyeliner, a clear line. Underline the ciliary loop around the movable century, expanding the arrow to the outer corner of the eye. At this point, draw a likeness of the steps and bring higher long tail at the outer corner of the eye. This graphically arrow looks shocking, but it is possible in everyday life.
Do not recommend a narrow elongated shape and wide-set eyes.

The parallels

Arrow ideal almond and round eyes, as pulling their shape.
You can draw this arrow as a pencil and eyeliner, clear or shaded line. Used to create a space between her crease and brow. One touch repeat top line ciliary loop, and at the outer corner of the century to finish it perpendicular to the line.
Not suitable eyes with a narrow movable century.

Hollywood style

The classical form of arrows. Is almond, round eyes, and is ideal for a wide eyes century.
This best-arrow drawn with eyeliner, starting the process from the inner corner of the eye and gradually thickening the line to the outside. Draw the tail is not too long, but certainly raised it up. This feminine form of arrows you can draw every day.
Do not do close-set eyes and a round.

A whitish

Arrow will create the effect of intermittent upper eyelid. Due to this, it does not look too dark and extreme.
Draw an arrow such, gel eyeliner. First, draw a ciliary loop from the inner corner to the crease on the third eye length. Then took another one-third and outlined the end of the arrow with a tail, seeking up. He, too, need to draw the contour liner causing the eye to its fold. Watch that the tail of the arrow is parallel to the uplink eyebrows.
Not advised girls with deep-set eyes and a small movable century.

On the contour

Arrow makes the shape of an elongated eyes. And the emphasis on the outer corners – actual reception for close-set eyes.
To create such an arrow it’s best to use a linertip pen. They are easy to apply a thin smooth lines. Spend the liner from the inner corner of the eye thin line. At mid-century, it is raised a little up and draw the outline arrows at the outer corner of the eye.
Not recommended wide-set eyes.

The fashion show

This type is more suitable for the podium. Arrow makes eyes more open, highlights the smooth lines.
Draw the arrow need eyeliner. Retreated to 0.5 mm from the crease of the upper eyelid and drag over them parallel line of medium thickness.
Do not make the deep-set eyes, eyes with clearly defined upper eyelid crease.

heading east

Arrow looks great on the small, widely spaced eyes with an Asian with a convex shape and hanging century.
To draw this arrow, use a soft pencil or eyeliner gel with brush. Apply the product to all the mobile eyelid. From the outer corner of the eye draw a horizontal line, connect it to an extreme point to the middle of the century and close the resulting liner sector.
Not advised a large, deep-set eyes.

Double Life

Arrow has the effect of a cat’s eye.
Liquid eyeliner, swipe the upper contour of your lashes rather thick arrow with a tail protruding beyond the outer corner of the eye. Gently lifted him up. Close soft pencil lower inner eyelid, and then slide the lower contour of your eyes arrow, like a mirror image of the top. Do not connect the tails of arrows.
Not suitable girls with close-set eyes, as the emphasis on eyeliner in the inner corners of the eyes. And girls with narrow and Asian eyes – visually reduces them even more.

The top note

Arrow looks especially good with close-set eyes and the eyes of a pubescent down the outer corner.
Draw better shadows gel or liquid eyeliner. Draw a line from the beginning of the iris to the crease, which is closed until the outer corner. Starting from the middle of the fold of the upper eyelid, draw on a stationary century semblance round thick arrows tending upwards.
We do not recommend wide-set eyes