Essential Equipment MakeUp

You do not need to spend a fortune on your equipment, but having the right tools really does make applying makeup much easier. Using the right sponge will help foundation smooth on more easily and evenly, for example, while having a
collection of different-sized brushes will allow you to apply eye and lip colors more easily and blend them where necessary. Store your equipment neatly in a makeup box, or even a tool box, rather than leaving it lying around the bathroom.

The Basics
From cotton swabs to eyelash curlers, these arc the key items to keep in your makeup box. You will also need a magnifying mirror.

Makeup Sponges
Using the right sponge will help you avoid a streaky cffcct when applying foundation and will also allow you to get into the creases around the nose and eyes. Keep sponges clean by washing regularly.

Cotton balls. Essential for your daily skincare regimen.

Sponge for liquid foundation: Good for gflling into creases.

Soft sponge for applying cake foundation without wafer.

Hard sponge for applying cake foundation with water.

Natural sponge for applying cake foundation with water to give a lightweight finish.

Eyeshadow Brushes
A selection of different-sized eyeshadow brushes is essential. Use a large one for applying eyeshadow to the whole eye area and for blending, a medium one for the lids, and a small one for covering the socket line and applying highlighter.

Brow Brush
This two-in-onc tool is ideal for brushing eyebrows into shape and combing out mascara from lashes.

Lash Separator
Used after mascara has been applied and allowed to dry, this brush separates lashes and prevents clogging.

Blusher Brushes
Use a soft, wide brush to prevent harsh lines and make blending easy, a smaller brush for more controlled blending.

Lip Brush
A firm-tipped lip brush gives you greater control over applying color than a conventional lipstick and also allows you to build up a deeper shade.

Powder Applicators
A soft puff is the perfect way to apply loose face powder. Brush off the excess with a large dome-shaped brush.