Ichneumon Fly

Ichneumon FlyOrder Hymenoptera – Family Ichneumonidae

Ichneumons (sometimes called ichneumonflies) are a large family of parasitic wasps. This ichneumon lays its egg on the back of an active caterpillar. The larva will burrow into the host, eventually killing it. Probably it won’t kill the host until the caterpillar has made a cocoon: then the ichneumon larva will have a cozy little home in which to pupate as it feeds on the remains of its host.

1.    Draw ovals for the thorax and head. Add the shiny eye, and long, gracefully curving antennae.

2.    Carefully draw the curving tail, one segment at a time.

3.    Add the wings, one showing the curved shape, and the other just a sliver.

4.    Draw the legs. Look closely at how they bend before drawing.

6.    Add the victim caterpillar. Draw the other three legs.

7.    Add veins in the wings, and complete your drawing with shading. Leave some areas white to make the caterpillar look round.

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