LouseOrder Anoplura – Family Pediculidae

This particular louse, the Human Body Louse, is also called a “cootie” or “gray back.” It lives on human bodies, especially those that aren’t washed too often or wear unclean clothing, and feeds on human blood. It glues little white eggs, called nits, to hair, usually on the back of the head. (Now you can figure out where the term “nit-picking” comes from.)

1.    Draw a small circle for the head, a larger oval for the thorax, and a much larger oval for the abdomen.

2.    Carefully divide the abdomen into segments, and add the little bits at the tail end.

3.    Mark the thorax to show where three pairs of legs attach, and draw the rear legs…

4.    …then the middle legs…

5.    …and finally the front legs. Add more details to the head.

6.    Finally, add shading, little bristly hairs and a few little human hairs to hold on to.

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