Removing Lipstick

Always make sure that you remove lipstick thoroughly to prevent the skin on your lips from becoming dry and rough. Lips need to be regularly moisturized, loo: they are particularly susceptible to the drying effects of the sun and the wind because they do not have any sebaceous, or oil-producing, glands of their own. If lips are moisturized properly, it is much easier to apply lipstick smoothly and evenly, and it will also stay on much better.

Pour a little makeup remover onto a clamp cotton ball or tissue and gently wipe in an inward direction, working from each corner to the middle of your lips. Lightly pat dry with a tissue.

After removing lipstick, use a specially formulated lip moisturizer or lip balm. Do not use anything too greasy – that would probably make you lick your lips, which has a drying effect. Gently wipe cotton across the lips from (Jit- corners to the mid-point.
Once a week, exfoliate lips by gently brushing off dead shin with a small, fine brush or a soft toothbrush.
This will stimulate cell turnover and heep lips looking smooth, soft, and healthy. For an extra-moisturizing effect, put a little moisturizer or lip balm on the brush.

Caring for Lips

♦    Use Up moisturizers or lip balms that contain Vitamin E, which is thought to mahe lips/eel extra soft and smooth.

♦    Always use a moisturizing lipstick to prevent lips from drying out during the day and becoming chapped. If you
spend a lot of time outdoors, choose lipsticks with a sunscreen.

♦ Combat the appearance offine wrinkles around the mouth with this simple facial exercise: Open your mouth as wide as you can and resist slightly as you close it. Repeat 10 times.