Scarab Beetle

Scarab BeetleThis is one of about 20,000 kinds of scarab beetle! Some have fabulous metallic colors; others dramatic horns. All have distinctive; clubbed antennae. Ancient Egyptians put scarabs in much of their artwork, and their sun god had a beetle head, since they believed the sun was pushed through the sky the same way a dung beetle rolls a ball of dung along the ground.

1.    Draw the head (with long horn), thorax; and abdomen.

2.    Add the protective fore wings (elytra).

3.    Erase the thorax outline where the front wings overlap it. Draw the hind wings (used for flying).

4.    Carefully draw the veins in the wings, the front legs and hind legs, and the clublike antennae.

5.    Add shading and details…

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