The main rules of the ideal eyebrow makeup

The main rules of the ideal eyebrow makeupThe main rules of the ideal eyebrow makeup

1. To understand where the brow should begin, draw a vertical line from the center of the nostrils up. At the point of intersection with the brow arch and is the beginning of the eyebrow. By this point, and you have to put the edge of the stencil (how to choose the template see next paragraph).

2. Point the end of the eyebrow defined as follows: draw a line from the edge of the nostrils to the corner of the eye. In a place where the line intersects the hairs, and must end with your eyebrow. Only to determine the length of the eyebrows, you can find the right template.

3. The top of the curve can be found by drawing a line from the tip of the nose through the middle of the eye. From this point to the outer edge of the eyebrow should be applied to the color tone darker than the inner corner of the eye.