What form NAILS suits you

What form NAILS suits youWhat form NAILS suits you

Beautiful manicure largely depends on the shape of the nails. The correct form to add your fingers aristocratic elegance and subtlety. Find out what form of nails are, and what is right for you.

1. almond shaped
Almond-shaped nails look very feminine and visually makes thinner and delicate fingers. However, if you want to grow long nails, almondsyou will not do.

2. Form a sharp almonds
From time to time this form is becoming popular, and the girls are lining up to manicure. However, this style is not very useful in everyday wear.

3. The square shape
As the name implies, the nails are in the shape of a square. It is ideal for medium and long nails. The only negative – manicure require more care.

4. The rounded shape
The rounded shape is versatile enough. On such nail polish of any color will look good. French manicure nails give elegance, and red – chic. The rounded shape is well suited to those who have weak nails.

5. Form a soft square
If you like the square nails, but you are tied to the usual round this form for you. You can draw a square nails and nail file slightly rounded edges. This is one way to avoid cracks in the corners of the nail plate.

6. The oval shape
The oval shape is considered a classic. Plus large oval that nails are less susceptible to damage and thus are attractive.