Because there are basically three types of skin condi-
tions—namely, dry, oily, and normal—each requires
a different variety of cleanser for best results. Dry skin
needs a highly emollient and penetrating cleanser that
has no drying aftereffect. A mineral oil-water lotion
type like RCMA Deep Cleansing Lotion is recom-
mended rather than the heavier solidified mineral oil
Oily skin is best cleansed with a liquid that is non-
soapy but that has a foaming action so that it penetrates
the make-up. It should not leave any oily residue or
feel on the skin. This type is often preferred by men,
and RCMA makes one called Actor’s Special, which
acts as a cleanser and a skin freshener with a slight
lemon odor.
Normal or combination skins (with both dry and
oily patches) may use one of the water-based cleansers
that can be rinsed off after use with warm water. RCMA
Hydrocleanser is one of this type.
Special Cleansers
RCMA Studio Make-up Remover and Studio Brush
Cleaner are essentially the same product and are ex-
cellent for removing heavy make-up applications or for
cleaning brushes after use.
Klenzer, RCMA’s Appliance Foundation Remover,
has been especially designed for removing RCMA AF
make-ups or any other type of rubber grease foundations.
Mascara remover pads are oil-soaked cotton pads for
removing mascara or other eye make-up without ir-
ritating the eyes. It is recommended that after re-
moving make-up products from the face with a cleanser,
a wash with warm water and a neutral soap (like Neu-
trogena) is best to clean the skin completely.
Ben Nye makes a make-up remover and a brush
cleaner, while William Tuttle produces a more exten-
sive cleanser and skin care line with:
Cleansing Lotion (for dry and normal skin),
Freshener (for dry and normal skin),
Oily Skin Cleanser,
Oily Skin Astringent,
Moisturizer (dry and normal skin),