Before applying any foundation to the skin, performers
with dry skin should have a coating of RCMA Pre-
foundation Moisture Lotion spread on the face with a
dry foamed sponge. This emollient will sink into the
skin and lubricate the surface of the face so that the
foundation will apply more easily and smoothly. It is
always best to use the same manufacturer’s moisture
lotion as foundation to ensure that they are compatible.
Other brands may break up or clot when applied.
Oily skins often require the application of a freshener
(with no more than 9 to 10 percent of alcohol) to
eliminate some of the surface oil on the skin. Astrin-
gents or after-shave lotions often have up to 35 percent
alcohol content and are quite strong for some skins—
even though the skin is oily.
Hand and Body Lotion is recommended for use on
the hands and body, if the skin is dry, prior to any
make-up application. This product is especially de-
signed for the body rather than the face area. For
actresses with very dry skin, it is well to recommend
proper skin care after removing make-up at the com-
pletion of the day on camera or stage by applying a
coating of RCMA Overnight Skin Lotion or some sim-
ilar product to combat skin dryness overnight. These
are made with a high vegetable oil content and do not
leave a greasy feeling on the face.