Do you want to make a perfect eye makeup?

perfect makeupDo you want to make a perfect eye makeup? To do this you need to choose not only a beautiful shade, but also qualitative eyeliner. How to do it.

1. Use a probe. When applied to the skin of a good pencil leaves a homogeneous clear line.

2. Remember that eyeliner should be hypoallergenic and does not cause irritation.

3. Pay attention to the material from which made the pencil: if instead of solid wood it is based on compressed sawdust, it may indicate a low quality product.

4. For convenience, choose a pencil, which on the one hand pencil liner, and on the other a sponge applicator for shading.

5. Check pencil cap if it is fixed bad – it is better to abandon such purchases.

6. pencil leads should not be too soft (in this case the line will be oily and vague) or too hard (a pencil scratch the delicate skin around the eyes).