The character of the girl tells her makeup

character girl tells her makeupThe character of the girl tells her makeup

1. If a girl is always in lipstick, makeup and still only made up lips, then it is quite secretive. Never say anything about himself too much, even friends can not much about her to know.

2. A woman is focusing on the eyes? She always bright shade, arrows painted on the eyelids and eyelashes mascara? This is a sign that she really wants to focus on his soul. Not to the body, not to the exterior beauty, namely the inner world.

3. When a girl uses several tonal resources this is no accident. And bad skin has absolutely nothing to do with it. The point, rather, in a manic desire to hide is not quite bright and good past, but also in an effort to show themselves in the best light. Simply put, to become white and fluffy for others.

4. Blush prefer a woman forty“, or those who are much younger, but for some reason feel old. For example, a 29-year-old could make up blush it, if it seems that she does not like anyone else.

5. Only eyebrows dyed masculine creation. After dense and thick eyebrows male prerogative. So ladies, I want to emphasize their power and authority, once again to put men on the shoulder.”

6. If a beautiful stranger no makeup grams, the skin fresh, like infants, and it is difficult to understand its age – rejoice: in front of you – the most psychologically stable type. This beauty lives with little or no complexes, sincere love of people and life itself.