draw AphidDraw Aphid Order Homoptera Family Aphididae
Ask any gardener about aphids! These little plant-suckers appear in large numbers on leaves and stems of plants, leaving them wilted and curled. They can also spread plant diseases. Aphids give birth to young during spring and summer, and lay eggs to last through the winter. Ants help the process by gathering the eggs, storing them during the winter, then transporting the aphids from one food plant to another during the spring. Why? Because aphids also secrete something called honeydew, which the ants eat.


1.    Draw the body, almost pear-shaped.
2.    Add the distinctive cornicles at the rear end of the aphid.
3.    Draw the rear leg,…
4.    …the middle leg,…
5.    …and the front leg.
6.    Add the antennae and eye.
7.    Finish your drawing by shading and going over fine lines with a sharp pencil.

Add a little plant stem and shadows.
Now add a little flap in the back and more baby aphids popping out, eager to devour your house plants….

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