draw antAnt – Order Hymenoptera Family Formicidae

If you want to study insects, none are easier to find than ants! Their societies generally consist of wingless workers and winged reproducers. They live in underground nests or in dead wood.

Most can ‘bite’ people if disturbed. Most ants scavenge, but some harvest seeds, cut leaves and farm fungus underground, or herd aphids to feed on their honeydew.


1.    Draw the oval shape of the head, the peanut shape of the thorax, and the pointy oval shape of the abdomen.

2.    Add the rear leg. How many sections do you see?

3.    Draw the middle leg, and the front leg. Notice how the sections of the middle leg overlap to create depth.

4.    Add antennae, eye, and mouth. Add the small visible bits of the other legs.

5.    Add shading and texture. Draw a little tidbit and a cast shadow beneath the ant. Clean up any smudges with your eraser.
Great ant! To make your drawing more realistic, draw about a zillion of them, crawling all over the place….

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