Eyeliner & Mascara

Like eyeshadows, eyeliner and mascara help define and enhance your eyes. Eyeliner accentuates the shape of your eyes, while mascara strengthens and darkens the lashes for greater emphasis. They should be the same color, or just a
shade lighter or darker, and should mirror each other in shape. For example, eyeliner that sweeps out at the corners looks best when mascara is swept diagonally through the lashes.

Eye Pencils
These are used to define the top and bottom lash lines, and some can be used inside the bottom inner rim of the eye, too. When using on the top lash line, soften with an eyeshadow.

Liquid Eyeliner
Normally only used along the top lash line, this creates a more intense color than other types of eyeliner. However, it is also more difficult to apply and requires a steady hand.

A mascara should thicken and lengthen the lashes without causing them to clump together. Waterproof mascaras arc more long lasting but can take longer to remove. Black and brown arc the traditional favorites, while more colorful shades can create a bright, dramatic effect.

Eyebrow Pencils
An eyebrow pencil helps give eyebrows greater definition. For a natural effect, choose the shade that matches your hair color, or slightly darker if blonde.