Strong reds for sophisticated glamour, barely-there pinks and beiges for natural beauty, or vibrant oranges for sporty style. The color of your lips can change your appearance immediately. Try not to restrict yourself to wearing just one color all the time. Instead, have several choices to suit the effect you want to achieve and for different-colored clothes. Look for lipsticks and lip colors that moisturize and protect your lips, too, and always make sure that they go with your blusher.

Lip Pencils
Used lo outline the lips and prevent color from bleeding. Choose a shade that is not more than one tone darker than your lip color.

Pearly Lip Colors
These shimmering shades attract attention to the lips and can make them appear fuller. Great to wear with shiny fabrics. Apply with a lip brush.

Matte and Semi-Matte Lip Colors
Fora warm, natural cffect, choose a matte or semi-matte lip color. These shades can also help lips look less full.

Thicker Lip Pencils
Thicker lip pencils can be used to color the lips as well as outline them. Some can be applied to the checks, as a blusher, or around the eyes, as a definer.

Shimmer Lipsticks
Lipsticks can be either brushed on or applied in their stick form. For a shiny, more deliberate effect, try shimmering shades like this pearly pink, vibrant purple, or warm chocolate.

Matte and Semi-Matte Lipsticks
Matte lipsticks create a warm, deep effect that suits evening makeup, while scmi-maue shades give a soft look that is good for daytime wear. Colors range from classic red to rich mahogany.