Polished nails make the perfect addition to well-cared-for hands, and these days there is a color to suit every mood and every occasion. Increase the impact of your polish by choosing a color that
matches or complements the rest of your makeup, or matches your clothes. Toenails, too, can look fabulous painted with a bright, dramatic color, and not only in summertime. Always remove polish on both hands and feet as soon as it begins to chip.

The Basics
For nail polish dial lasts well, use a base coat before applying color and finish off with a top coat. Always take off old polish with an acetone-free remover, which will not strip vital oils from your nails.

From pale peach to delicate blue, pastels create a pretty look that is suitable for day or evening.

Natural Browns
Soft, unobtrusive colors arc the perfect choice for a natural daytime effect.

Pinks and Violets
From light to bright, pinks are always a firm favorite for nails, while violets will give a deeper, more dramatic effect.

Bue Tones
These look great with jeans. Try light shades for day and stronger tones for evening.

Bright Party Colors
Vibrant green, sizzling orange, shocking red, and fiery fuchsia -party colors should be bright, bold, and full of surprises.