Firefly (Lightning Pug)

Firefly (Lightning Pug)Order Coleoptera Family Lampyridae

During spring and early summer, these beetles use their luminous abdominal sections to attract other fireflies for mating. Although other insects can glow, fireflies are unique in being able to flash, and the rhythms are distinct for each species. Active at night, they live under bark or in moist places under debris.

1.    Start by drawing the pronotum and elytron (one of two hard fore wings).

2.    Draw the triangular head (almost completely covered by the pronotum) and the front leg.

3.    Add the middle leg…

4.    …and the rear leg.

5.    Draw the body, and shade most of it dark. Leave the end of the abdomen light: this is the part that flashes. Make the eye dark, leaving a little reflective white spot.

6.    Draw antennae, and the other three legs.

7.    Carefully shade your drawing, leaving a light area at the top of the shiny protective shell. Draw a little branch for it to sit on.

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