FleaOrder Siphonaptera –  Family Pulicidae

Fleas are annoying parasites that live off the blood of their host; they lay eggs on their host or in its nest. Fleas help pets get tapeworm and can spread disease such as bubonic plague.

1.    Draw the head and first thorax segment.

2.    Draw the front leg, attached to the first thorax segment. Count the sections of the leg, and look carefully at which direction each goes.

3.    Draw the second thorax segment and middle leg, behind the front leg.

4.    Draw the third thorax segment and powerful rear leg, behind the middle leg.

5.    Add the top part of the abdomen…

6.    …and the bottom.

7.    Add eye, antenna, palps, three more legs, and shading. Don’t forget the breathing spiracles!

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