Giraffe Beetle

Giraffe BeetleOrder Coleoptera
Family Curculionidae (snout beetles and weevils)

This little monster belongs to a group of hard-shelled beetles that chew holes in fruits, nuts, and other parts of plants. One member, the boll weevil, is well known for destroying cotton crops in the southern U.S. after accidental introduction from Mexico.

1.    Draw the flattened oval shape of the elytra (protective fore wings).

2.    Draw the visible triangle of the thorax. Look carefully, then add the front leg,…

3.    …the rear leg,…

4.    …and the middle leg. Add lines to show the segments of the thorax.

5.    Add visible parts of other legs, and the first section of the neck.

6.    Now draw the rest of the neck and head.

7.    Add shading, texture, and a cast shadow to complete your drawing.

“Why is the neck on this beetle so long?” you ask. Good question!

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