Back Swimmer

How to draw a Back SwimmerOrder Hemiptera (true bugs)
Family Notonectidae

Back swimmers use their legs to paddle on the surface of water. They also dive, and can stay under water up to six hours. They catch tadpoles, small aquatic insects, and insects that get caught in the water. Swimming on their backs, they have protective coloring similar to many fish: dark on the top side and light on the bottom.


1.    Lightly draw the centre line, then eyes and proboscis, and the rounded sides of the body.
2.    Draw the first section of each leg.
3.    Add remaining, feather-like sections to the back legs.
4.    Draw remaining sections to front legs, and give your back swimmer a little snack to munch on.
5.    Add shading, and a few little ripples to suggest water.
Floating in your pool, munching on a snack… what a life!

Bon appetit!

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