Bumble Bee

How to draw a Bumble BeeOrder Hymenoptera – Family Apidae
Bumblebees usually live in cooler areas, where their thick hair protects them from the cold. Usually they build nests underground. Their very long proboscises can reach into the deepest flowers, and some depend almost completely on bumblebees for fertilization. When the English brought clover to New Zealand, for example, it didn’t grow well until they imported bumblebees. The English biologist Charles Darwin made the suggestion.

1.    Draw the circle of the thorax, leaving white spaces on either side where the wings attach. Add the flattened oval of the abdomen, with lines showing segments.

2.    Add head, eyes, and antennae.

3.    Carefully outline one fore wing and hind wing.

4.    Repeat on the other side, and add veins to the wings.

5.    Now draw the six legs.

6.    Add shading, shadow, and texture. Notice which parts of the body are darker, and which are lighter.

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