ButterflyOrder Lepidoptera – Family Papilionidae

Swallowtail butterflies are easily recognized by the long tails on the hind wings. Their wings have patterns of black, yellow, or white, and can have blue or red spots. Papillon, a word taken from this family of butterflies, means butterfly in French. (The German word, on the other hand, is Schmetterling. Go figure.)


1.    Draw the thorax, head and proboscis.

2.    Add the front leg…

3.    …middle leg…

4.    …and hind leg.

5.    Draw the two antennae.

6.    Add the eye.

7.    Carefully outline the hind wing and its veins. Add lines for abdominal segments.

8.    Draw the fore wing. Add the small visible portion of the fore wing and hind wing on the far side of the insect. Add shading. Go over lines with a sharpened pencil.

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