CaterpillarOrder Lepidoptera
Caterpillars are young butterflies or moths. They may have horns, spines, and bristles; they show distinct colors and patterns. All caterpillars have three pairs of legs in the thorax, and up to five pairs of abdominal ”prolegs.”

1.    Draw two tall, rounded rectangles with tiny projections for legs.

2.    Add a triangle shape and another leg, and small bump with a dot for the head. Draw a little horn on top.

3.    Draw two more rounded rectangles of the abdomen.

4.    Add another, with a little bump for a proleg…

5.    …and another…

6.    …and two more…

7.    …then three plain segments and a last segment with another proleg.

6. Now add pattern and shading, leaving a light area on each segment to make the caterpillar look shiny. And give it a little something to munch on!

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