Cave Cricket

Cave CricketCave Cricket

Order Orthoptera – Family Gryllacrididae

Most crickets in this family have no wings. They live in caves and basements, or in dark places under logs, rocks, or bark. Some types make a scratchy sound, but most—unlike field crickets—make no sound at all. Their long antennae and leg bristles warn them of approaching predators, such as spiders or centipedes.

1.    Start with two bending legs forming an M shape.

2.    Draw the powerful rear jumping leg behind.

3.    Add additional segments to each leg, and the pattern on the largest leg.

4.    Now draw the body behind the legs. Look carefully, and draw one part at a time.

Because you drew the legs first, it’s easy to show them overlapping the body; adding depth to your drawing.

5.    Add shading, very long antennae, the other rear leg (shaded solid gray), and a slight cast shadow.

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