CicadaOrder Homoptera – Family Cicadidae
Cicadas live in trees and make loud, pulsating buzzing sounds. They lay eggs on twigs, which usually die and fall to the ground. The nymph cicadas then feast on roots before crawling up a tree. Certain cicadas repeat this cycle only once every 13 or 17 years.

1. Draw a rounded triangle with a little circle on the bottom and one side.
2. Add the peanut shape of the body on the other side of the triangle.
3. Outline the fore wings. Notice how one points down on the page, while the other points up at an angle.
4. Add the hind wings.
5. Carefully outline the veins in one wing. Take your time! Look carefully!
6. Complete your drawing by carefully adding veins to the other wings. Draw legs and segments of the body. Then add shading, and go over any fuzzy lines with a sharp pencil to make them look cleaner.

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