Order Blattodea Family Blattidae

Cockroaches do not transmit human disease, but…they infest buildings, contaminate food,and have an unpleasant smell. They are active and fast runners at night; during the day they hide in cracks. They almost never fly, though they are among the oldest winged insects (350 million years). Some have become almost immune to pesticides after numerous attempts to eradicate them. And don’t bother trying to starve them to death: some have lived for months on little more than dust!

1.    Draw a small flat oval for the head and a half-circle for the pronotum.

2.    Add the long shape of the wings.

3.    Draw details on the head, and add the visible bits of front legs.

4.    Carefully add the remaining two pairs of legs.

5.    Add antennae, bristly hairs on the legs, and shading.

For added realism, make your cockroach nibbling on a chocolate chip cookie!


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