Cow Killer

Cow KillerCow Killer
Order Hymenoptera Family Mutillidae (Velvet-ants)

I had no idea this insect existed. It moved so fast I couldn’t tell how many legs it had, and buzzed as it raced around. I’m glad I didn’t try to pick it up: the sting from this wingless wasp is so painful that some people say it could kill a cow! Cow killers invade bumblebee nests and lay their eggs in them. They are bright red and black.

1.    Start with the oval shaped head, eye, and segmented antennae.

2.    Draw two more oval shapes for the thorax and abdomen.

3.    Add fuzzy hair covering the whole body. If you have colored pencils, make the light areas bright red, and the dark areas black.

4.    Draw a long, bristly leg…

5.    …and another…

6.    …and another.

7.    Finish your drawing by adding the other three legs, and some grains of sand or small pebbles, and a cast shadow beneath the body.

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