LacewingOrder Neuroptera (net-veined insects) Family Chrysopidae (Green Lacewings)

These common insects don’t fly very well, but they’re great at eating aphids, so they’re welcome in the garden! They lay eggs at the end of tiny stalks, usually on foliage. They pupate in silken cocoons.

1.    Carefully draw the outline of the wing.

2.    Add two main veins…

3.    …and then create the pattern of cells inside of them.

4.    Now add a row of veins and cells at the top of the wing,

5.    …and fill in the center section.

6.    Draw one more row of cells on the bottom.

7.    Add the body and head with its long antennae.

8.    Draw the legs. Lightly shade a bit in the wings.

Lovely lacewing!

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