Ladybug Beetle

Ladybug BeetleOrder Coleoptera – Family Coccinellidae

Labybugs, also called Ladybirds, are welcome in the garden because they feed on aphids. They also eat scale insects and mites which otherwise damage plants.

1.    Draw the fore wing and the shape that looks like the head, but is actually the pronotum, which covers the head.

2.    Add the front, middle, and rear leg.

3.    Make a line for the edge of the stem, and draw the other three legs.

4.    Add spots on the front wing and pronotum. Draw the antenna (one of two; the other you can’t see), and the beak. Add shading and a cast shadow.

5.    And now (YES!!) make the ladybug sucking the life out of an aphid.

Cuten ap pet it, ladybug!

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