Leaf Insect

Leaf InsectOrder Phasmatodea – Family Phylliidae (leaf insects)

A few insects imitate plants so well that they won’t move during the day, even if you pick them up! They can also drop legs if necessary, then grow them back the next time they molt. The ability to mimic plant structure is called phytomimesis (thought you’d want to know).

1.    Starting with a center line, draw the pear-shaped wings.

2.    Add the thorax and head.

3.    From the first segment of the thorax, draw two skinny front legs, then add the leaf shape to them.

4.    Draw the middle legs connecting to the second thorax segment, and the rear legs sticking out from under the wings. Add the outline of the abdomen.

5.    Add lines and shading to make it look like a leaf! Take your time, and look closely at the example for ideas.

Add camouflage! Draw sticks and leaves, so that someone looking at your drawing won’t even know there’s an insect there….

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