Makeup Nearly Natural

The nearly natural or “barely there” look is possibly one of the hardest to achieve. It requires a light, skillful touch and very careful choice of color. The goal is to give the complexion a healthy glow by using ioundation and blusher that subtly enhance natural skin tone rather than disguising it, with blusher perfectly blended into the base. Eyelashes have been given only the lightest touch of mascara, and lips the barest brushing of lipstick. Eyeshadow colors follow the rosy pink theme of the blusher.

*    Brush eyelashes through carefully with an eyelash comb to make sure that lashes do not clump together.

*    Nails should be squarish in shape and not too long. Coat with a clear or light pinky beige polish.

*    Choose a foundation with a sunscreen or added moisturizer for extra healthy effect, or wear a tinted moisturizer on its own.

♦    Team with clothes made from natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, to continue the fresh theme.

♦    Accentuate the natural look with hair that looks sleek, shiny, and healthy.

1 Moisturize and apply a natural-colored liquid foundation. Dust with a translucent powder.

2 Brush eyebrows into shape and then brush on a browny gray eyeshadow.

3 Use a pink eyeshadow on the whole eye area and a brown eyeshadow on the lid. Brush a darker pink along the socket line and blend. Brush the brown shadow under the bottom lashes and use a slightly darker shade on the top lash line.

4 Curl the eyelashes if necessary. Lightly coat lop and bottom lashes with black mascara.

5 Dust the apples of the cheeks with a soft pink blusher to create a natural healthy glow.

6 Lightly brush on a gentle red lipstick that tones well with the blusher.