Makeup Autumn Glamour

A palette of rich fall colors creates this soft but decidedly glamorous look. Suitable for day and evening, it is based on subtle textures and clever shading, using plenty of dark plums and dusky pinks. Eyes are soft, smudgy, and warm, lips are dark, sensual, and full -perfectly balanced by a warm-toned base and a plum blusher. To complete the effect, choose an accessory that enhances the hair and also blends with and supports the mood of the makeup, such as these dried roses.

♦    Smudge eyeshadows to create a softer, richer look

♦    Choose an eyebrow pencil that is nearest to your natural shade, and if you are shaping your eyebrows, always pluck from underneath.

♦    Use two coats of mascara to give eyes a darker, more sultry effect.

♦    To enhance the look, choose clothes in the same rich colors -anything in velvet would work especially well.

♦    For extra sparkle, add some shiny accessories such as a diamaritt hair clip or necklace.

♦    Avoid severe, tightly drawn hair styles; choose a soft look that gently frames the face.

1 Apply a warm beige cake foundation.

2 Brush eyebrows into shape and fill in any gaps with a brown eyebrow pencil.

3 Apply a dusky pink eyeshadow over the lid to even out lone. Brush a dark purple shadow from the inner corner to the outer corner, blending well. Continue the dark purple shadow under the bottom lashes, smudging gently. Apply a rust eyeshadow along the socket and blend toward the brow.

4 Apply a black liquid eyeliner along the upper lash line. Brush over with a deep purple shadow.

5 Give top and bottom lashes a generous coal of black mascara.

6 Color cheeks with a warm plum blusher.