Makeup Spring Bride

A romantic fairy-tale style for those „ special occasions when you have to look your very best. The secret is a makeup style that is beautiful and bewitching, but never heavy or harsh. Skin looks natural and fresh with just the lightest touch of a pale foundation and a dusting of blusher, while eyes are clear and captivating.

The strong mahogany color of the lips strikes an unusual note and introduces a more grown-up edge. Tightly curled locks frame the whole face and help enhance the pre-Raphaelite effect.

♦    Do not be tempted to wear too much mascara; this would make the eyes look too heavy and dark for the fresh, romantic mood.

♦    Tty painting nails with green polish to enhance the look of the accessories.

♦    Choosing the right accessories is very important. Keep them as
natural and unobtrusive as possible but in keeping with the fairy-tale princess style. Fresh flowers and greenery look great woven into textured hair.

♦ To achieve this hair style, curl hair tightly all over and then brush through, separating curls out slightly. Alternatively, put hair up in a loose bun with gentle tendrils hanging down.

1 Moisturize and apply a very pale cake foundation to the face and neck.
2    Brush eyebrows into shape and gently fill in any gaps with a brown eyeshadow.
3 Cover the eyelid with a light green eyeshadow. Use a coral eyeshadow along the socket line and blend up to the brow. Brush a dark green shadow from the center of the lid to the outer corner. Use the dark green shadow to line the top and bottom lashes.
4 Curl the eyelashes if necessary. Brush lashes with black mascara but be careful not to apply loo much.
5 Dust the cheekbones lightly with a dark orange blusher and blend well.
6 Line lips with a mahogany lip liner. Fill in with a matching lipstick and finish off with k a clear-effect lip gloss.