Makeup Active Aqua

This vibrant, waterproof style is designed for long, hot summer  days when you want to spend as much time as possible outdoors and be completely confident that your makeup is not running or smudging. The eye area is brightened and enlarged with a specially formulated eye foundation instead of eyeshadows, and lashes are gently defined with a light coating of waterproof mascara. A hint of cream blusher and strong orange lips add a glamorous touch to an essentially sporty look.

♦    Before using a waterproof mascara, always check that you have a suitable remover for it.

♦    Paint nails in a strong color that either matches or balances the vibrant tone of the lipstick, such as the orange lips and red nails shoivn here.

♦    This is a relaxed daytime effect that suits activewear rather than anythingformal or frilly. Minimize jewelry and accessories; they are not in keeping with this style.

♦    This type of makeup works well with a sharply cut hair style such as a well-defined boy-cut – avoid anything that might look overstyled. Keep long hair out of the way in a high ponytail.

1 Moisturize and apply a natural-colored cake foundation.

2 Use a specially formulated eye foundation all over the eye area to even out the skin tone.

3 Brush eyebrows into shape and fill in any gaps with a brown eyebrow pencil.

4 Curl eyelashes if necessary and lightly coat top and bottom lashes with waterproof black mascara.

5 Gently blend an orange cream blusher in circles onto the cheekbones.

6 Line lips with a dark orange lip liner and fill in with an orange lip pencil or lip color.