Makeup Forties Glitz

Strong eyeliner, matie makeup, and rich red lips set a sophisticated and elegant style that draws on the 1940s for inspiration. The shape of the face is given greater definition by highlighting features to create a more sculpted look. Eyebrows are neatly arched to emphasize the sleekness of the eyeliner, and clever use of blusher makes the cheekbones look high and perfectly defined. This look works well for evenings because it gives features greater emphasis and has a dreamy nostalgic feel.

♦    Do not compromise on the strong red lipstick-a lighter color would draw attention away from the mouth and make the eyes look too heavy.

♦    Always allow mascara to dry between coats or you will not be able to build up enough color.

♦    If you use a concealer, make sure it blends with the base.

♦    For extra impact, wear clothes with a 1940s feel, such as an elegant fitted suit, or a classic twin set and A-line skirt or dress. Clip-on earrings or a simple pearl necklace will add to the overall effect.

♦    If you do not have wavv hair, tiy curling it with a curling iron and then brushing through to leave a gentle wave.

1 Moisturize and apply a light-colored liquid foundation to the face and neck. Dust with a translucent powder.

2    Brush eyebrows with a brown eyeshadow and then emphasize their natural arch with a brown eyebrow pcncil.

3    Apply a sandy-colored eyeshadow all over the eye area up to the eyebrow. Then use a brown shadow-on the lid only, blending well.

4 Line the top lash line with black liquid eyeliner, sweeping gently out at the corners. Brush on a charcoal eyeshadow to soften.

5 Curl the lashes if neccssary. Apply three coats of mascara to top lashes, sweeping diagonally through.

6 Use a dark pink blusher to give the cheekbones more definition. Brush up toward the hairline.