MosquitoYou can tell this is a female mosquito because it has only a few hairs on the antennae (on males, they’re more feathery), and lacks the male’s two additional beak-like palps. Only the females bite. Mosquitoes can convey diseases such as malaria, generally only in tropical areas.

1.    First, make some high-pitched, whining noises to get in the mood…. Now draw the head, thorax, and abdomen.

2.    Add the middle leg…

3.    …the front leg…

4.    …and the hind legs, curving up into the air.

5.    Draw the eye and antennae, and the beak, or proboscis, ready to do business. Add texture to the thorax.

6.    Add the wing, covering part of the abdomen, and the lines for abdominal segments. Draw the other hind leg.

7.    Add the other two legs, and shading, a bit of cast shadow and a few human hairs.

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