Moth in flight

Moth in flightMost moths are active at night, in contrast to butterflies, which fly only during the day. All but a very few moths suck nectar through their curved proboscis; one primitive group has jaws for eating pollen. Unlike butterflies, moths rest with their wings like a roof over their bodies, flat over their bodies, or flat against a support.

1.    Draw a small circle for the head, a smaller circle for the eye, and a larger oval for the thorax.

2.    Add long antennae, and the front leg.

3.    Draw middle and rear leg.

4.    Add the abdomen, and the hind wing, showing the vein pattern in the wing.

5.    Draw the fore wing and its main veins.

6.    Carefully add shading to make the pattern in the wings. Now add shading, details and texture to the body.

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