Mud Dauber

Mud DauberMud daubers are wasps that lay their eggs in tubular cells made from mud. The female paralyzes a spider with venom, stuffs it into a cell for food, lays an egg on top of it, and seals off the cell with mud.

1.    Start by drawing the head, antennae, short neck, and thorax.

2.    Add the long, thin pedicel and the abdomen.

3.    Draw the fore wing and hind wing.

4.    Add the long rear leg.

5.    Add two more legs. Darken the eye, leaving a white spot to make it look shiny.

6.    Lightly draw the three legs on the far side of the body, and add a little bit of the other fore wing. Carefully draw veins in the wings, and add shading.

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