Potter Wasp

Potter WaspFemale potter wasps build small chambers that look like little jugs. Inside, they hang an egg from a string. They then sting weevil larvae to paralyze them, and drop them into the chamber for their own larva to eat. These solitary wasps are normally black and yellow.

1.    Draw the round head overlapping the oval-shaped thorax.

2.    Add the pedicel, then the abdomen, a pointed oval.

3.    Draw the slender wings.

4.    Add jointed antennae and front leg.

5.    Draw eyes and the other two legs, then add the wasp’s clay “pot.”

6.    Add shading, texture, veins in wings and pattern on abdomen. Draw a few blades of grass…

…and perhaps just the slightest glimpse of the weevil larva the wasp is dropping in to feed her own offspring.

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