Praying Mantis

Praying MantisThe praying mantis waits in ambush, suddenly moving its spiny fore legs to catch prey. With its strong mouthparts, it can cut through the heads of tough insects like wasps. Its flexible neck means the mantis can turn its head to look at you a rather eerie feeling! Mantises are cannibalistic; the female often devours the male while mating.

1.    Draw the long abdomen and wing.

2.    Add the thorax at a slight angle, then eyes, head, and mouthparts.

3.    Draw the segments of the front leg, raised and ready to snare prey.

4.    Add antennae and the other front leg.

5.    Draw the two rear legs. Look carefully at the way each bends.

6.    Now add the other two rear legs. Add shading, texture, and details.

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