Termite (worker)

TermiteMost termite species feed on wood, which they can digest because of special microorganisms in their intestines. Termites can be very destructive to buildings. Like ants, they have a highly evolved society, with workers, soldiers, and a reproductive caste which has wings. Some species even have a special caste with nozzles in their heads for secreting a fluid to build and repair nests. With this nozzle, they can spray repellent at invaders. Beware, ants!

1.    Draw the abdomen, thorax, and head.

2.    Divide the thorax into three sections.

3.    Carefully draw a pair of legs attached to each section.

4.    Divide the abdomen into ten sections.

5.    Draw antennae, mandibles and other details of the head. Add light shading and little hairs.


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