Tiger Beetle

Tiger BeetleTiger beetles are usually shiny metallic colors. You’ll find them in bright sunlight in sandy areas. They run fast and fly fast, and are ferocious predators with their sharp mandibles (jaws). They’re hard to catch, which is just as well: some of them have a painful bite.

1.    Start with two half circles for the eyes, tilting away from each other.

2.    Add the outline of the head. Look carefully at the shape before you draw.

3.    Darken the eyes, leaving a light spot in each. Draw the rounded shape of the thorax. Add the long, segmented antennae.

4.    Draw the sickle-like mouth parts, and the front two legs on each side.

5.    Add the elytra (fore wings) and the rear legs.

6.    Finish your drawing with shading, patterns, and little bristly hairs.

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