Tree Hopper

Tree HopperTreehoppers have an extended pronotum (upper front section of thorax) that makes them look like a thorn. This protects them from predators.
Treehoppers eat sap from plants. This species is bright green with red stripes.

1.    Draw a horizontal line for the plant stem. Draw three segmented legs and the long wing.

2.    Add the head and shiny eye.

3.    Draw a long, curving line for the front of the pronotum (top front of thorax).

4.    Add the rear curve of the pronotum, and lines which are part of its camouflage.

5.    Add shading and texture, including veins in the wings. Draw a real thorn to give the treehopper something to blend in with, so it won’t become a snack for some passing bird.

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