Using Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation produces a more lightweight finish than the cake variety and tends to be easier to use on dry skin. However, some people find it harder to apply; the trick is not to overload the sponge, which creates a streaky, unnatural effect that will be difficult to correct. To finish, always brush over with a translucent powder. The powder helps the foundation stay in place longer.

Keep your hair off your face by tying it back or using a hair band or scarf. Cleanse your face and neck thoroughly and moisturize. Wait at least five minutes for the moisturizer to be thoroughly absorbed into the skin. Pour a little foundation inside the lid of the bottle and dab with a sponge. Using gentle strokes, cover the larger areas of your facc first (the checks, forehead, and T-zone), following their natural contours. Blend well under the jawline and onto the neck, as well as around the hairline. Check unevenness around the eyes and the sides of the nose. Lightly pat with the sponge any areas that need a little more foundation, but do not cover the whole face – that would give a thick unnatural effect.  If any marks or blemishes still show-through, cover them up by brushing on a concealer, blending it w’ell into the surrounding foundation. Brush on a translucent powder, again following the contours of the face. For a more matte effect, apply powder using a soft puff and then brush over. The coverage is smooth and even, while any blemishes have been thoroughly concealed; eyebrows have been softly lined to stand out against the foundation.