Using Cake Foundation

Cake foundations give a smooth, matte finish that prevents skin from looking shiny and oily. Some can be applied using a dry sponge instead of a damp one and many now contain powder particles, with the result that you only need to apply a face powder on top if you have very oily skin. It takes pi’actice to learn how much foundation to use; if you have put too much on, sweep the sponge over the face again but do not reload it.

Keep your hair off your facc by tying it back or using a hair band or scarf. Cleanse and moisturize your facc and neck. Wait at least five minutes for the moisturizer to be thoroughly absorbed into the skin.  Sweep the sponge smoothly across the foundation. If you are using a cake foundation that needs to be applied with water, dampen a sponge and squeeze out the excess water The more water you leave in the sponge, the lighter the effect of the foundation will be; the drier the sponge, the heavier the effect will be. Using gentle, even strokes, cover the larger areas of your facc first (the cheeks, forehead, and T-zone), following their natural contours. Blend well under the jawline and down onto the neck to create a natural effect and avoid a demarcation line. Be careful not to apply too much around the hairline. Finally, check to make sure the facc is smoothly and evenly covered. Use a concealer on any blemishes that still show through.