Firming Facial Massage

Massage has been used throughout the centuries as a way of beautifying and treating the face and body. Although a facial massage will not remove any wrinkles that may already have developed, it can help prevent new lines appearing and make skin look smoother, firmer, and younger. This treatment uses a combination of massage and acupressure techniques to stimulate the now of blood to the face and encourage the lymph system to drain away any excess fluid, as well as soothing and firming specific points. While massaging, apply a little of your normal face moisturizer or a hot facial massage gel. For maximum benefit, repeat each step about three limes and use the middle finger to work on each acupressure point, applying pressure for three seconds at a time and repeating three times. Remember that the skin on the face is more delicate than the rest of your body, so you need to work gently and never use too much pressure or pull the muscles.

Forehead & Temples

Character lines are most likely to appear on your forehead. Apply a little moisturizer or gel to your lingers. Place your middle and third fingers between your eyebrows and glide them upward and outward as if smoothing away lines and wrinkles. Apply gerule pressure lo the temples. This has a soothing, relaxing effect and can help relieve tension headaches. It can also make the eyes look less tired.

Eyes & Nose

To combat the fine lines that easily form around the delicate eye area, circle the third fingers out around the eyes, starting at the inner point of the eyebrows and using a gentle gliding action.  Apply pressure to the acupressure points shown along the eyebrows, at the outer corner of the eyes and on the middle point below the eyes. This stimulates blood and lymph flow.     Glide your middle finger up along the nose line. Then massage the sides of the nose with the middle fingers in a circular motion to prevent the appearance of fine lines.  Apply pressure to the acupressure points just outside the nostrils. This can help clear a blocked nose and prevent fine lines from appearing around the nose.

Cheeks & Mouth

Using the middle and third fingers, massage outward in a spiral motion from the chin to below the earlobes, from the corners of the mouth to the cars and from the sides of the nose to the temples. Apply pressure to the acupressure points just below the ears. This stimulates blood and lymph flow to the lower jaw area. Starting from the center of the chin, use the middle finger to massage around the mouth, working upward to smooth out character lines and wrinkles. Apply pressure to the acupressure points at the side of the mouth, above the center of the top lip, the dimple just below the lower lip, and on the center of the chin. This helps prevent character lines from forming around the mouth.

Chin & Neck

Starting at the edge of the jawbone, use ihe thumb and forefinger to pinch the skin gently all the way along the jawline to firm up loose flesh. Work toward the center of the chin and back again. Glide one palm along the jawline from right to left, then the other palm from left to right. This helps improve tone and reduce sagging along the jawline. Place your hands at the top of your neck and glide both palms down the neck. This helps stimulate the lymph system into action. Apply pressure to the acupressure points shown along the hairline, working from outside the ear to the middle of the neck. This helps reduce tension at the back of the head and neck. Pat lightly all over the face for 30 seconds using your middle three fingers. Rinse off any traces of moisturizer or massage gel with warm water. Pat the face with cold water to tighten pores.